Who We Are

Beam Consultancy is a unique organisation driven by clinicians and experts by experience. We provide training, consultancy and intervention for those living and working with complex mental health issues. 


Beam was founded in response to the realisation that the NHS often struggles to work with those with complex mental health problems, particularly when these problems feature relationship difficulties, self harm and suicidality. 


Our clinicians have considerable experience in mental health covering all areas from secure hospitals, PICUs, acute wards and a variety of generic and specialist community teams.  We are DBT therapists in addition to our core training.  Between us we combine Masters level study of Working with Personality Disorder, publications around working with complex presentations and leading workshops at national conferences.  We have won awards for delivering innovative services to complex client groups and are recognised as experts in our field.

Our Experts by Experience have received community and inpatient treatment both voluntarily and under the mental health act.  They have experienced individual and group therapy as well as ECT and restraint.  Essentially, our experts have exceptional communication skills which allow them to share their experiences without staff feeling blamed or judged.  They have experience of delivering treatment as well as supervising staff.  They have delivered multiple training sessions with consistent excellent feedback and include award winners for presenting at national conferences on complexity.

Our partnership of professional and experiential expertise is a unique service with a proven record of success in psychologically containing staff and service users working/living with complex needs.